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There are two types of leads that you should be concerned about as a wedding photographer.

They are “Referral leads” and “Website Inquiry Leads”.

Referral leads are leads that come to you from someone you have either shot a wedding for or has seen your work and was ecstatic about it. Either way, this person is usually so excited about your work that they tell someone else about you.

This is by far the best kind of lead that you can encounter as a wedding photographer. They are relatively easy to close (get them to book you). They usually trust you straight off the bat and will hardly pose any objections in your sales conversation.

The only issue with this kind of lead is that they can be sporadic. By that I mean they do not come in a consistent manner. Sometimes you have a lot of referrals and sometimes you don’t.

This ebb and flow can really be problematic with your cash flow and can make it hard for you to manage your bills and expenses.

The other type of lead is called a “Website Inquiry Lead”. Pretty self explanatory.

This type of lead can come from your website, Facebook page, Instagram page etc. Its all the same really. This lead isn’t as strong as the first one but is very important for your wedding photography business.

Typically this type of lead needs more attention and follow up as trust and connection needs to be built. The major advantage that this type of lead has over the first one is predictability.

If you put in the work by either optimising your SEO, consistently posting and engaging on Facebook and Instagram or (my personal favourite) advertising on Google’s Search Engine via Google Ads, you will get leads. And you will get them consistently, if you do these things in the right way (because there is a wrong way too).

A consistent flow of leads is the holy grail of business because then you can predict your cash flow and pay your expenses accordingly. “Website Inquiry Leads” help with this.

I don’t think that its a matter of choosing one type of lead to go with. I think that going with both is the best strategy for your wedding photography business.

Work on getting “Referral Leads” but don’t neglect your “Website Inquiry Leads” too.

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