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Facebook is the most widely used social media platform in the world, with more than a billion active users to date. We understand, however, that it might feel a little lethargic and a little overused but we believe there’s a lot to be salvaged from this platform.

Here are some quick tips to ensure that your photography brand stays on top.


1. Create A Dedicated Facebook Page.

You have to create a separate dedicated Facebook page for your photography business. Seeing your studio or wedding shots mixed with your night out with friends and family pictures is probably not a good idea.

Have a dedicated page so your prospects can have a clear view of your photography brand. You can always post your personal moments on your personal account.


2. Fill Out Your Contact Details.

Make sure you fill out your contact details appropriately. Your email, website, contact number and location are a must. Be sure to check out your page features, some of which allow you to add a map location of your business address.


3. Post Appropriately.

Too much posting and too little posting, both are definitely not good. Post consistently and vary the type of posts you make. Mix it up by sharing images, videos, blog posts and share other peoples content.


4. Caption Your Posts.

Tell use what camera you used, who the model is, the location of the shoot and any other interesting facts about the image you’re posting.


5. Promoted Posts.

Facebook allows you to promote your posts so that they reach a larger audience (at a price of course). This is definitely a great way to increase your brand’s overall reach. Because it involves you spending money, we advise that you start small and test each campaign.

Thats a wrap! Just remember that your goal is to build a community of engaged followers who are always ready to vouch for your photography brand.

Happy Snapping!

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