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Twitter isn’t exactly the first social media network that comes to mind when you are trying to create brand awareness for your photography business. The 140 character limit is definitely not appealing at first glance.

So is there a point to getting yourself as a photographer, entangled in the weird and wonderful world of Twitter?

We think so.


1. Not A Portfolio Network.

A quick disclaimer that is painfully obvious to current twitter users. Twitter is not exactly the best place to “house” your photographic work, in other words Twitter is not a platform that’s optimised for displaying your portfolio as is the case with Instagram and Behance.

But be rest assured that there are good reasons as to why you should have a twitter account.


2. Engage Your Followers.

Engaging and being interactive is the core of what Twitter is about. Sparking conversations and creating a community is where Twitter really stands out as a social media network.

So the best way to use your images on twitter is as an engagement tool a conversation starter of sorts. This will foster a community that will extend your brand’s reach.


3. Respond To Interactions.

Remember you are trying to foster relationships so don’t forget to respond to interactions from your followers. Engage with them and be genuine, show that you care about their comments. Being human and being seen as one is so important when your are trying to build a community.


4. What Do I Tweet?

Here are some tweet ideas to get you going

  • Links to your own content in the form of blog posts or youtube videos and other resources
  • Your photos and videos
  • Images that include inspirational quotes and messages on top
  • Ask questions and start a conversation
  • Share other photographers content


5. Follow Potential Clients.

Don’t forget that you’re running a business and the lifeblood of any business is cash flow. The lifeblood of cash flow is customers or clients. Follow potential clients and form relationships with them.

Also remember good relationships are reciprocal so make sure you give before you ask.

So to wrap things up keep these things in mind. As we have said many times before, your goal is not to have the most number of twitter followers but to have a strong community that is always ready to engage with you and will advocate for you and play the ambassador role for your photography brand.

Happy snapping!

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