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Yes we know that this article might come off as a little biased but we definitely believe that having a website is highly beneficial for you as a photographer.

We can already hear some you say that social media has negated the need for photographers to have professional websites due to their ease of use and wide reach. But these are the exact reasons why we believe you need to have a website.

Here are 6 reasons why we think you need a website for your photography business.


1.Websites Have a Higher Barrier To Entry.

Websites have a higher barrier to entry when compared to setting up a social media account. But this barrier to entry can be your friend, simply because anybody can set up a social media account but not everyone can set up a professional website (only the devoted and serious will).

So the credibility of having a website comes from this fact, that it takes more effort to build a website and because it takes more effort, by having one, you show the world that you take your business seriously.

To put this in another way. Anybody can open an Instagram account or a Facebook page and give themselves the title of photographer in their bio section and post images. But building a website requires more effort and planning, so if you have one, prospective clients automatically take you more seriously.

This is because, on an intuitive level, we all know that building a website requires an investment in time and in other resources so we naturally respect persons or businesses that make this investment more than others that don’t.


2.The Website URL Is Valuable.

This point will complement our first reason above. Having a website in your own business name is still a valuable commodity in this day and age. The value comes from the fact that owning your own website url in the name of your business requires an investment in time and money as we have stated above.

The other benefit of having a website url is that you can have an email address that ends in your domain name. Email addresses like and are abysmal attempts at trying to maintain a professional image (excuse the pun).


3. Websites Can House Your CV.

There’s just not enough space on Instagram’s bio section or Facebook’s about section for you to write about all your accolades and accomplishments that you have achieved as a photographer.

A website allows you to be able to tell the world the story of your journey as a photographer from where it all began to where you are now. From where you got educated to how many years you have been in the business.


4. Websites Can Display The Clients You Have Worked With.

This is a big one. Social proof is a great way of showing prospective clients the brands and clients you have worked with. This only adds more credibility to your brand.

You are able to list the clients you’ve worked with or showcase their logos for a more visually appealing aesthetic. Check out what we did for Kgomotso Neto’s website, who is a Johannesburg photographer.



5. Websites Can Separate Your Work Into Categories.

Websites allow you to separate your work into categories. This allows you to ensure that each section maintains its visual harmony and narrative consistency. It also gives prospective clients the ability to sift through your work with ease.


6. Websites Can House Your Blog.

This might not seem important to the non writer types but being able to write narratives that explain and elaborate your work is valuable.

A blog allows you to share your work in a more personal way. Writing pieces of content that expand on your work allows people to get to personally know you.

Social media captions are great but users on social media don’t have the patience to read through a 300 word essay. Writing and sharing your blog posts enables you to build a community.

We do not advocate solely using websites as your main means of marketing online but we believe as part of your social media strategy owning a website in your own business name can help you rise above the noise.

Fake news seems to be a hot keyword in the political space but attention must also be given to the rise of fake photographers.

Fake photographers pose like the real thing but more often than not will never make the necessary investments to establish themselves. This is how you create your competitive advantage, after all you are running a business and competitive advantage is key.

Here are some website builders we think you can use to create a website if you do not have one.

Building a website takes time and effort even if you are doing it on your own. This investment in time never really stops. So If you would like to free yourself of the hassles of getting domain names and paying for hosting and updating your website reach out to us at or drop us an email at

We would be happy to help you build and maintain a website you can be proud of.

Happy snapping!

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