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You may know instinctively what f-stop and shutter speed to shoot at in most situations. You may also know which range of ISO produces the most noise for your shots.

This is all good and well. You’re a good wedding photographer. Heck, you might even be exceptional.

So is everyone else buddy…

Every body is using the same gear and using similar lightroom presets. 

But most wedding photographers suck at sales.

In fact they dont even have a structure for their sales process.

They don’t have a lead generation machine (i.e Google Ads, SEO).

They don’t have a sales process to manage leads that come in. 

Don’t know how many times Ive seen, “Leave a message here and I’ll get back to you in 48 hours”. Seriously?

How do you manage your leads (how do you get them in the first place?).

What does your sales funnel look like?

Do prospects book you over the phone or do they have to meet up with you first?

How do you ensure that every meeting you have with a potential client turns into a wedding booking?

Maybe its time to drop the artistic hat for a little bit and start thinking about the business aspects of what you do?

Trust me most wedding photographers aren’t.

Thats how you’ll win.

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