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Online branding and digital marketing tips for photographers

Keep Track Of Your Data

How many leads did you get last month? Where did they come from? Why do they come from there? How many made bookings? Of the ones that didn't book you, what went wrong? Of the ones that did book you, what went right?  Why aren't you doing more of what is...

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Who is running your Google Ads Campaign?

For real though. Who is running your Google Ads Campaign? Is it you, your hubby, wifey or friend? Is it a fancy Digital Agency? It doesn't really matter who it is to be honest. What does matter is if they understand the wedding photography industry. Do...

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Are you good at sales?

You may know instinctively what f-stop and shutter speed to shoot at in most situations. You may also know which range of ISO produces the most noise for your shots. This is all good and well. You're a good wedding photographer. Heck, you might even be...

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Get A Landing Page

Ive written about this in a previous blog post before but its worth mentioning again. Please do yourself a favour and design a landing page for the Google Ads campaign that you're running (even if you're not advertising on Google you should have one). I...

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Personality over Portfolio

So here's a thought. Or a question to be more precise. Does your personality show in your business and marketing? Let me ask this question in another way. Are prospects able to see you in your website, social media profiles and other marketing efforts? The...

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