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Your Contact Form Is Too Long

Your contact form shouldn't be long at all. There's no need to ask for a million things. Yes it would be nice to know their budget, wedding date, wedding location, age, careers, venue, vendors etc. But all of these questions create resistance in the mind...

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Get Clients First! Then Equipment.

Most wedding photographers spend their time fixating on the latest equipment thats hot in the market. Whether it's a new lense, camera body or computer, there always seems to be new obsession. Right now its probably mirrorless cameras. Im definitely seeing...

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Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are keywords which make sure your ads dont show up on searches you don't want. So for instance you might not want your ads to show up on searches like "cheap wedding photographers". So by inputting the negative keyword "cheap" you would...

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Your Google Ads Strategy Must Have A Focus

You can't put all your keywords into one ad group. You have to have specific adgroups that correlate with keywords that are similar to each other. So what do I mean? Putting wedding photography keywords in the same adgroup as your family portrait keywords...

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Shoprite vs Woolworths Food

Shoprite stores are big and can accommodate a lot of people at one go. Woolworths Food stores are typically smaller (with a few exceptions) and can only accommodate a small number of people at a time. Shoprite stores sell their stuff a low prices....

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Customer Reviews

You really need to have a customer review process in your wedding business. All of your happy and satisfied clients should be leaving reviews on your Facebook page and Google My Business page. Too often I see wedding photographers who have neglected to ask...

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