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Most wedding photographers spend their time fixating on the latest equipment thats hot in the market. Whether it’s a new lense, camera body or computer, there always seems to be new obsession.

Right now its probably mirrorless cameras. Im definitely seeing a number of wedding photographers jumping ship and leaving their trusted DSLRs for this new type of camera.

But Im not here to bash mirrorless cameras and their new fans, they’re probably worth every penny. Im just here to make a point.

I was once a wedding photographer myself before I started focusing on online marketing and I can tell you I was a gear geek. I used to fantasize about camera bodies and lenses all the time.

I would consume you tube video after you tube video. I would save every cent I’d get so that I could buy my latest obsession. Little did I know that this was slowing my business growth by a great deal.

You see, I thought that by getting great equipment and fancy gear Id be able to attract and get more clients. This couldn’t have been further from the truth.

My priorities were all wrong.

Getting more equipment and fancy gear doesn’t attract or help you get more clients. Marketing does that (especially when you spend money on marketing the results are even better).

Saving money to buy lenses prevents you from investing money into marketing your wedding business.

Im not saying that you shouldn’t buy new equipment. Im saying you shouldn’t make it your number 1 priority. Why you ask?

When you get more clients you’ll be be in a better financial position to buy equipment. Thats why.

Focus on getting clients first then you’ll be able to buy any piece of fancy gear you like. 

Let me say it one more time.

Its not, “Get more equipment so that you can get more clients”.

Its, “Get more clients so that you can get more equipment”.

Prioritize getting more clients then the rest will follow.

End post :-).

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