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Seriously I kid you not. I literally saw on someone’s website a couple of days ago that they will get back to me within 48 hours upon leaving an inquiry. Seriously? And this person is a wedding photographer just like you. I was asking myself what’s the point of this person having a website?

It baffles me how some wedding photographers underestimate the importance of their inquiry response time. Some wedding photographers really think that they are so special that potential clients will sit and wait for them to respond to their inquiries. I hope this is not you.

Fifteen minutes max! Thats how long it should take for you to respond to an inquiry. Don’t ask me why fifteen minutes instead of fourteen. Fifteen is the number I heard some smart marketing guy say was the maximum time you should take to respond to inquiries. And that smart marketing guy knew what he was talking about because he was in an office when he was giving this advice :-).

Ok on a serious note now. You should really pay attention to how long it takes for you to respond to inquiries that prospects make on your landing pages or website. You have to be quick on the draw. Remember you’re on their shortlist so any step that you miss will be counted against you.

Bye bye. That’s all for this post.

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