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Negative keywords are keywords which make sure your ads dont show up on searches you don’t want.

So for instance you might not want your ads to show up on searches like “cheap wedding photographers”.

So by inputting the negative keyword “cheap” you would be telling google not show your ads to people searching for cheap wedding photographers. (Please note that inserting the word “cheap” is sufficient enough, you dont have to insert “cheap wedding photographers”).

So there you have it. I need to stress though, that you’re gona have to have an extensive negative keyword list to ensure your ads only get seen by your target audience.

Below are some negative keywords for you to add to your campaign. Make sure you brainstorm for more ideas. But this should get you going in the right direction. (Make sure to include plural versions as well)

  • free
  • cheap
  • affordable
  • job
  • cost
  • camera
  • website
  • logo
  • studio
  • lense
  • budget
  • contract
  • rate
  • location
  • website
  • shoot
  • shot list

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