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So here’s a thought. Or a question to be more precise.

Does your personality show in your business and marketing? Let me ask this question in another way.

Are prospects able to see you in your website, social media profiles and other marketing efforts?

The reason why Im asking this is because I see so many wedding photographers with generic cursive logos as their profile pictures on their social media accounts.

I also see wedding photography websites that emphasize portfolio work over who the actual wedding photographer is.

Are couples buying your portfolio or are they buying something deeper, a connection, a friendship, a relationship?

Do couples know the difference between shallow depth of field and deep depth of field. Do they know what a prime lense is?

Or can couples tell the difference between having a connection with someone and not having a connection with someone.

What gets couples excited? Your work, or you? What do you think needs to be emphasized?

What is going to get you your ideal client?

Isn’t your ideal client someone that you could actually be friends with?

Your portfolio is amazing (so is every other wedding photographers portfolio).

What makes your wedding business special and unique?

Isn’t it you, your personality and your quirks? 

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