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Google Ads reps are those guys who call you from Google and offer to help you out with your campaign (for free). Now at first these guys might appear to be life saviours because managing your ad campaign on your own can be daunting at first. But I’m here to tell you that allowing them to manage your campaign is the worst thing that you could do.

Some bright spark out there once said that there is no such thing as a free lunch. I think that bright spark deserves an award because this sentiment couldn’t be more true in this context. Google reps offer to help you run your campaign for free but you pay them indirectly without even knowing it. Here’s how.

Always remember that Google gets paid everytime someone clicks on your ad and you lose money every time someone clicks on your ad. Clicks are a cost to you. I can’t stress this point enough. You only make money when someone books you to shoot their wedding. The only way that someone can book you is for them to leave or make an inquiry on your website. This inquiry can be interpreted as a lead.

If nobody converts (makes an inquiry) after clicking on your ad then you have lost a potential booking. Now this is where the cookie crumbles. Google does not have a vested interest in the number of inquiries and bookings you make as a wedding photographer. They have a vested interest in the number of clicks your ad generates. The more clicks your ad generates the more money they make. And this is how you pay Google reps indirectly.

These reps will do everything in their power to make sure that your campaign generates the most amount of clicks. They do this by suggesting poor ad copy that usually says things like “affordable wedding photography” (this only attracts cheap skates). They suggest you use automatic bidding strategies. They further suggest that you use broad keywords that attract clicks from people who aren’t your ideal clients.

All these suggestions increase the amount of clicks your ad makes but does not increase the amount of inquiries your business gets.

There are many ways in which Google reps are sabotaging your campaign. In another post I will go into more detail with the specific things for you to look out for. But for now just now that more clicks doesn’t always mean more bookings for your wedding photography business.

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